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Monday, January 18, 2010

Mayse... You Rock!!

I wanted to give a quick shout out to Mayse. I love you buddy and I am so proud of you! Let me start at the beginning. Last year I went in and met with Maysen's teacher for Parent/Teacher conference. I was told that he was falling behind in Reading and Math. This is after two years of tutoring at four hours a week which was a hard task to complete in itself with the time demand and schedules. I felt I could not win and was at my wits end. It was brought up to me as a possibility that he may end up in resource. I knew that there had to be something wrong and his 3rd Grade teacher had already worked wonders to figure out that he had a non traditional way of learning and tried to nurture that but all in all... he couldn't have her for the rest of his life so something had to be done. At that point, I decided that maybe a charter school was the way for me to go with my children so I put in for the lottery at Ranches Academy and my kids ended up getting in. Logan had to wait a couple months but Maysen got in right away. He never seemed to have problems with his homework and was bringing home good grades but I didn't realize the difference the school had made for him until I ran into his math teacher in the hall one day while Maysen was with me. She came up to Maysen and said, "How is my math whiz?" I thought she was just being positive until she then began to tell me that he was one of the smartest in his math level and she was moving him up to a 5th grade math level and that he sometimes helps tutor the other kids in the class. I was in complete shock. My Maysen? The Maysen I was told needed to possibly be in resource for Math? WOW!! He loves his new school and I love his new school. The education there is AMAZING!!! It has made a world of difference for Maysen and his self-esteem. He has made many great friends! A shout out to The Ranches Academy and to Maysen. Maysen is student of the month for his class this month. They display pictures of them in the classroom all month! Way to Go Mayse! I love you and I am so proud of you!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane!!

Many of you know my little boy Logan. He has a great zest for life although he doesn't always know how to channel the emotion that comes along with that which usually means life is an emotional roller coaster for him! He is always so excited to get done what needs to be done in the quickest manner possible so that he can move on to the things he wants to conquer in life! Well, this morning I put his homework in his backpack to take back which I found loose in his backpack yesterday) and he told me I needed to put it in his homework folder. I said to him, "Logan, you left your homework folder at school." He said,"No I didn't, it's in the other pocket of my backpack." Sure enough he unzipped the small pocket on the front of his backpack and there was his homework folder all folded up so he could fit it. I'm assuming he did that to ensure that the bigger part of the backpack had room for his football and basketball. Anyway, I pulled his homework folder out to find this:

Draw your attention to question #9. I mean seriously... how could you miss that one? Easter really? That's when the pilgrims and Indians had a feast? That is how I know that he was just rushing through circling which ever one his little heart desired so that he could move on and do what HE wanted to do! I could not help but laugh. Apparently he decided he needed a huge frowny face on his paper too which... he probably spent more time on then the actual test itself. So cute!

Look at # 7. Apparently soldiers help farmers on their plantations.

He is so smart but when it comes to his agenda, that's exactly what it is is HIS agenda! He came straight from heaven that way. I know he knows these answers but I know in his mind, he has waaaayyy more important things to do in life to worry about test taking,and all the other tasks that don't seem important to him. He needs to move on to the more important things in life like: building forts, making ships out of legos, and learning how to get around the rules at school of no tackling in football, to riding his bike and sneaking off the helmet,taking all the food outside to share with his friends, and not taking the time to chew his food before inhaling it and he is off to his next adventure.

Please tell me you have a child like this that is on high speed, high volume, high adventure, with little or no fear... ALL THE TIME!! He lives life to the fullest and in the fast lane 24/7. You gotta love it though!

Needless to say, he missed every question on his test but then again to him.....
It is not among the IMPORTANT tasks in life, yet I could not find myself being angry for his ZEST for life! This is one assignment that will be kept in MY IMPORTANT file!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Overdue baby? No, well kind of. I had my baby 3 1/2 months ago but the blogging of it is waaaayyy overdue!! I have really neglected my blog for a while now and am trying to play catch up. The first thing I wanted to catch up on was my baby shower which was 5 months ago.... yeah you heard it right.... 5 months ago!! I told you I really am a slacker. Anyway, I am trying to do better so you will probably see more blogs to follow that are way outdated. Anyway, my shower was amazing! Pink and Brown everywhere!! As many of you know.... I finally got my girl after three amazing rugged, tough little boys and boy did I get spoiled! My shower had everything pink and brown from the food, to the gifts, and even to the clothing. Thanks Tiercy and Kelly... for a wonderful shower and thanks to everyone who came to support me in my girl venture! It has been so much fun so far!!

The Invitation!! So cute!

Tiercy's awesome diaper cake!! Thanks Tierc.

Kelly's custom made cake just for me!

Tiercy's yummy cake pops!!

Great friends and yummy food!!

Thanks guys for a great shower! Everything was amazing from the food to the gifts, to the visiting! PINK RULES!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Photo Shoot With The Kiddies!!

So, Brad and I took the kids to take their pictures. Too bad I forgot to put my camera back on High Quality and I am going to have to do a redo but I think they still turned out pretty cute!! I love my babies!!

Pretty Little Piper!!




Sunday, August 9, 2009

Piper... We love you!!

We are so excited to have our new little girl Piper who was born August 6. We have been waiting for her for a long time. She has three AWESOME big brothers to protect her... Will she ever date? Let's not get ahead of ourselves!! Her brothers are so excited to have her as well. We are all so happy she got her safe and sound!! Her nursery was fun to decorate. Here are some pics to enjoy!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Human Can Opener?

Logan......what a healthy, strong, vibrant child. I'm pretty sure he could be a human can opener. He brought me a battery the other day and said, "Mom, Do batteries have poison in them because I was trying to get it out of a toy, with my teeth, and this is what I did."

Nice, clean, pure cut right off the top of the battery. Now those are some serious skills Logan.

It is good to know that when times get
really bad.... and we have forgotten to add the can opener to the food storage...we will have
Logan. No prob on eating the canned goods right?

I guess we were all blessed with different skills in life.... Logan's a little more unusual than most.

We Love you Logan!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hula Hula zzzzzzzz...........

So the other day, My little Trey (hey I just I so cool?) Anyhoo, he was in the family room playing and usually when it gets really quiet......I expect mischief but to my surprise... I came in to find this........
He had fallen asleep inside the Hula Hoop! At first I thought he was playing because his new thing is pretending to be asleep. So I quietly snuck up on him to see if he would giggle and I heard deep breathing and possibly some small snores instead. Isn't he so cute? I love my baby! Okay so he's technically not a baby anymore as he will be 3 on Saturday.... 3 I say! HOLY COW! Where did those years go? I guess when the "baby" is using the "But I'm the baby" card, he isn't really a baby. Is it time for another? Maybe.....

I love you Trey!!